We know how precious your time is. Please read the information below in its entirety. The individual stories in this message pull at my heart and with God’s Help will stir you to action!


(This is a matter of life and death)


Since 1998, I have been privileged to assist numerous projects that have helped thousands of new immigrants and native Israelis. The fate of Jews living in the Ukraine as well as those that have made it to Israel without proper documentation to receive Israeli citizenship is a critical situation that needs immediate attention.


Thank you - Eliezer Braun – Vice President Shuva Global Diplomacy






Vladislav Tereshkov was on the brink of death due to his medical condition. Before leaving Ukraine he was attacked in Chernigov for wearing a kippah - someone hit his head with a heavy object and left him unconscious in a shop as vegetables rolled out of his  bag. 

His family saw that their life in Ukraine was unbearable and flew to Israel on July 14, 2014 with 3 children aged 13, 3 and 1. Vladislav’s mother is Jewish and has lived in Israel since 1996. In spite of the promises made by the Ministry of Absorption to process their documents quickly, the process has dragged on. 

Vladislav had a bad accident in 2010 after which thrombosis set in his legs. The operation performed in Ukraine left him in excruciating pain in his legs and in the back. Vladislav could hardly move around at home. His aortas were replaced, however the operations after the car accident in Ukraine were not successful. Because Vladislav and his family are still tourists in Israel, they have no medical insurance and they cannot work. His health deteriorated because he could not afford to purchase the medicine he desperately needed. When the pain became unbearable and Vladislav did not sleep for 5 days, his wife Natalya took him to Belinson Hospital where it was a miracle that he was admitted and operated on without insurance. The operation saved Vladislav’s life however he was refused further necessary surgery. 

WHAT CAN YOU DO TO HELP? The Tereshkov family needs further assistance in searching, translating and authorizing their documents. 

(Each family/individual case requires some of the following documentation to apply for Israeli citizenship. For Ukrainians already in Israel, traveling back to war torn Ukraine is the only option available to search for documentation)


1) Birth certificate (original) - translation to Hebrew/English and authorization by Public Notary - $70 USD

2) Parent’s birth certificate (original) - translation to Hebrew/English and authorization by Public Notary - $70 USD

3) Grandparent’s birth certificate (original) - translation to Hebrew/English and authorization by Public Notary - $70 USD

4) Certificate from the Red Cross (if requested) - $30 USD

5) Character And Criminal Record Declaration Form - translation to Hebrew/English and authorization by Public Notary - $50 USD

6) Marriage Certificate - translation to Hebrew/English and authorization by Public Notary - $70 USD

7) Divorce Certificate - translation to Hebrew/English and authorization by Public Notary - $70 USD

8) Certificate of Name/Family Name Change - translation to Hebrew/English and authorization by Public Notary - $70 USD

9) Apostille for each document (can be done in Ukraine only) - $35 USD

10) Registered letter to Ukraine $40 USD

11) Ministry of Interior Registration Fee $50 USD

12) DNA testing to prove family relations  (cost depends on many factors)






Many of the stories about Ukrainian Jews seem unbelievable to those that enjoy the freedom and liberty of Western democracy.

Marina’s story is one of them….


Marina’s daughter (pictured above) was diagnosed with leukemia. They knew they would find superior medical treatment in Israel. As a result, they came to Israel and spent everything they had fighting their daughters leukemia. The experience in Israel motivated Marina’s family to start searching their background. The result of their search was discovering their Jewish roots.  

When their tourist status ran out, the Ministry of Interior ordered them to leave the country. Friends intervened on their behalf two days before they were going to be deported. In discovering that her mother was Jewish, Marina started a quest to find the documents proving her Jewishness. She visited the archive in Donetsk in 2012, but was told that unless she paid a $5,000 bribe they would not help. When she said that she does not have that kind of money, she was told: “Get lost Zhidovka and don’t come back again!”

Marina consequently discovered a relative that had documents proving her Jewishness, but he turned out to be an Anti-Semite. He told her that because it became common knowledge that Marina spent time in Israel and was searching for documents to apply for Israeli citizenship, she brought great shame to the extended family. He turned her away and said he never wanted to speak with her again.

Marina’s parents are hiding in a soil cave shelter (picture above) near their home because Ukrainian separatists have placed artillery in the vicinity of their home in Volnovakha. They are in constant danger as their home is within firing range. Marina’s mother wants to come to Israel but her doctor told her that her heart was too weak for traveling. The separatists are spying on people and receive information from “cooperative” neighbors. One particular day, armed men saw Marina’s parents and asked: “Why is your daughter’s family in Israel? Are you Jewish?” Marina’s mother showed her passport which states ‘Ukrainian’. The soldiers continued questioning her: “Then why are your neighbors saying that you are Jewish?”

Realizing that she has no future in the Ukraine, Marina’s sister, Sveta also arrived in Israel on a tourist visa. The family needs substantial assistance as they search for the documents that will enable them to stay permanently in Israel.








This is a letter from the relatives of Vladimir Tenzer. Their letter in English is exactly as written, without spelling, sentence structure or punctuation corrections

“Two weeks ago we succeeded to contact our relative who lives in Yasinovataya in the region of Donetsk. His late mother is the sister of my mother and his late father was also Jewish. Vladimir Tenzer, my cousin asked us to send him money to get him out of the horrible war that is going on in Donbass. We gathered as much money as we could. He escaped hungry and without anything with the last train from Yasinovataya to Harkov and from there he flew to Israel. His 66-year-old sister Tzila lives in Netanyah. She and her husband are both handicapped. Obviously their life is not easy but anyway they received Vladimir in their home. Last week Vladimir went to the Ministry of Inter ior and presented himself as a war refugee. Their answer was that they would not grant him entry with that status, only if he is Jewish he should bring his papers and a proof that he has no criminal record, that he is divorced etc. You do not know what’s going on in Donbass – everything is bombed, local authorities do not work – he cannot go back there to find his documents. All his relatives and I can confirm that 55-year-old Vladimir is a quiet and modest Jew. 

We do not know what to do. He does not have any medical insurance, money etc. We do not ask any benefits. It’s an exceptional situation; he is a Jewish refugee and should be treated accordingly. Isn’t our country established for this purpose – to receive the Jewish refugees from all over the world?”

(Because of the war, many Jews would have to risk their lives or the lives of others to get documents that prove they are Jews and would entitle them to Israeli citizenship. In many cases, the documentation has been destroyed by the ongoing war between the Ukraine and Russia)





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