SINCE 1998

  • Thousands of speaking engagements in Churches, Prayer, Bible and Israel groups on every continent

  • Countless Television and Radio Interviews In Israel and Around the World

  • Speaking at the European Parliament in Brussles and individual European Parliaments 

  • Meetings with numerous Representatvies from the USA Congress and State Legislators

  • Annual Unity Visits to Auschwitz/Birkenau, Poland

  • Countless unique tours given by "Shuva Global Diplomacy" to groups, diplomats, VIP's etc. 


Modeled on the African National Congress-led boycott of apartheid-era South Africa, the BDS/Israel delegitimization campaign grew out of the United Nations World Conference against Racism in Durban in 2001. This conference turned  into a hate-fest against Jews and Israel. The irony is that the BDS movement was founded a year after the Durban Conference - the same year that then Prime Minister Ehud Barak offered historic and far ranging concessions in negotiations with PLO head Yasser Arafat. Arafat turned down the concessions and began a murderous campaign of suicide bombings targeting Israeli civilians.


Israel has blessed the world with discoveries in the fields of high tech, agriculture, medicine, desalination etc. and is the first to send teams of medical personel to help in disaster relief around the world. 


Why this determination to divest from Israel? The underlying motivation is to see Israel's economy brought to its knees so that the ultimate goal of Israel bashers is realized...the dismantling of the State of Israel and its replacement with a "Palestinian State" that will at best tolerate a Jewish minority. 


What other reason can there be for obsessive hatred of Israel while ignoring ethnic cleansing of Christians and other minorities in Arab/Muslim Countries, the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of civilians in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan etc., human rights abuses in numerous countries in Africa and the Middle East, Gays being thrown out of windows in Saudi Arabia, honor killings, female genital circumcision, the wild increase of radical Islam across the Middle East, Africa and Europe etc., etc., etc. 


Look at it any way you choose. The brutal truth is that the liberal left is blind and in denial of the geo-political reality that the world is currently facing. When in denial, it is easier to bully the historical scapegoat, the Jew, instead of realizing the true source of the problem. Most of the world believes that if Israel were to disappear, radical Islam would majestically turn to brotherly love and the Middle East would transform itself into an oasis of tolerance and democracy.


Israel is an oasis of ethnic and racial diversity and a gateway of hope in an area of brutal dictatorship and/or theocracy.


The world has been trying to get rid of the Jew for thousands of years. Disenfranchising Israel is part and parcel of the very same historic effort to destroy the Jewish People.


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